What is 5G technology and how can you make money from it?

What is 5G?

The next big innovation in mobile internet connectivity is 5G Networks. 5G Networks will offer faster speeds and increased reliability for smartphone connections and other devices. 5G connections is capable of offering networks that are significantly faster than current 3G and 4G solutions. Average download speeds of 1GBps is expected enabled through the latest 5G research and cutting-edge network technology.

5G Networks are expected to launch across the world by 2020, initially working alongside the existing 3G and 4G networks. This will provide exceedingly faster connections allowing users to stay connected online no matter where they are. With the rise of the Internet of Things, 5G will provide the infrastructure needed to carry the vast amount of data, enabling a smarter and more connected world.

When will 5G launch in the United States?

The first 5G network was launched at the start of April 2019 through a surprised announcement from Verizon. There are just two handsets available that currently support the new 5G network which is only available in limited parts of Chicago and a few other locations. Verizon managed to obtain network speeds up to 1.4Gbps. This is significantly faster than the theoretical speed of 300Mbps offered by 4G networks. 4G Networks tend to have speeds below 100Mbps. 5G Network coverage in Chicago is still very patchy and you will most likely have to move around the city’s various 5G masts to get the fastest speed.

5G Network rollout was done by AT&T across 19 cities in the United States, but there are still no 5G phones available. AT&T offers a mobile hotspot, the 5G Netgear Nitehawk.

T-Mobile will launch their 5G Network in the United States, starting in New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas and further extending to 30 more cities.

When will 5G launch in the United Kingdom?

The first UK mobile phone carrier that launched its 5G network is EE. On 30 May 2019 it switched on it’s 5G network in six cities, promising a further 10 cities by the end of 2019. Vodafone followed by 3 July 2019 launching 5G across seven cities and rolling out a further 8 towns and cities by 17 July. Even though O2 and Three have also commited to launching 5G networks in 2019, no firm release date have been announced.

Three has given some detail about it’s 5G home broadband launching in August and mobile following later in the year. Three’s plans are to have 5G networks in 25 towns and cities before the end of the year.

5G in London is currently achieving speeds from 200Mbps to 550Mbps, quicker than 4G but not the same level as what was achieved in Chicago.

FIVG: Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF

The Defiance Next Gen Connectivity ETF (FIVG) is the first ETF focused exclusively on companies involved in research, development and usage of 5G technology. Its top holdings include CommScope (COMM), Xilinx (XLNX) and Skyworks (SWKS).

FIVG offers investors liquid, transparent and low-cost access to companies engaged in the research & development or commercialization of systems and materials used in 5G communications. The underlying BlueStarGlobal 5G Communications Index tracks approximately 60 globally-listed stocks across all market capitalizations.

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