4 ways of creating passive income with $1000

The easiest and probably most common method is to use your $1000 to buy Dividend stocks. A stock represents a small ownership in a company, in exchange for being a small owner in the company you will get a tiny amount of the companies earning. This is usually paid out every quarter as dividends. There are plenty of dividend stocks out there with varying amounts of profit.

The second way to make passive income with $1000 is Index Funds. An Index fund is a collection of companies that you can buy into allowing you to own a small percentage of everything. Index funds are very popular because of their diversity, they don’t cost a lot of money, they are usually stable and provide consistency. Most index funds perform better than professional hedge fund managers.

Real estate is a third way of making passive income with your $1000 buying into a Real estate investment trust. This is just like buying a stock in a company, but instead you can see it as buying a stock in a property. Real estate investment trusts pool money from investors in order to buy properties within a certain category. Examples could be shopping centers, office blocks, apartment buildings, medical buildings and the trust will then pay out a dividend based on their profit.

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A fourth way to make passive income with your $1000 is with bonds. Governments, states and companies provides you with an opportunity to loan them money and in return will pay you back with interest for providing them with capital. The terms will be set by the issuer of the bond and it is up to you to decide if you want to invest or not. Bonds have a typical holding period of a couple of months, 10 years or even longer, it is up to you what you want to invest in.

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